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Locations reported by users or machines can be manipulated in various ways, including modifying the software running on a device (software spoofing) and tampering with GNSS signals (hardware spoofing). Unveiler fights fraud, enables location based authorization and enhances your users' privacy.

Unveiler offers Verified Location-as-a-Service. When verifying a user's location, some contextual information is uploaded to the cloud based Unveiler API. The Unveiler API uses this contextual information as proof to verify the user's location.

Currently, this proof exists of raw GPS measurements. Modern Android phones give access to the raw measurements they use to establish the user's position. We add additional processing to these raw measurements as an additional security check that the location reported by the phone corresponds to their real location.

Future iterations of the Unveiler API will include other means of location verification, for example IP based or using nearby WiFi access points.